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[Undersugar] I'll always be determined :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 27 3 [Warriors] All my OCs! (updated) :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 1 0 [Startale] Shadow :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 25 0 [Warriors] All my OCs!! (for now) :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 2 2 [Undersugar] Cindy the human! :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 10 3 [Undersugar] Mia the human! :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 11 7 [Undersugar] Ashlyn :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 11 5 [Undersugar] Alphys :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 20 11 [Undersugar] Sans :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 35 4 My first animated GIF preview [Startale] :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 3 4 Galactic Cat! :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 2 0 [Undersugar] Undyne the Undying :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 17 2 [Undersugar] Frisk the human! :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 15 0 [Undersugar] Queen Toriel :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 24 3 [Undersugar] Flowey :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 25 5 [Undersugar] Asriel Dreemurr :iconhappyeyrie:HappyEyrie 18 4


Warrior Cats Reference Sheet Template :iconsapphiresquire:SapphireSquire 155 48 Warrior Cat Base :icondeceptiicon:Deceptiicon 307 81 Warrior Cat Reff-Sheet :iconrascal4488:rascal4488 2,388 1,764 [Request] D2 Ink!Sans :iconblurrynightsky:BlurryNightSky 245 42 Bird of paradise :icontira-owl:Tira-Owl 1,379 50 Spring Charm :iconjohn-peter:John-Peter 191 16 Primal Jurassic Landscape :iconwillfx:WillFx 66 15 Soft Dreams :iconjohn-peter:John-Peter 272 18 Sunbathing :iconjohn-peter:John-Peter 268 22 Tsaagan :icondinomaniac:Dinomaniac 428 24 Silenthope Ref. :iconmeentheicedragon:MeenTheIceDragon 19 5 Cow and cowlet :iconizonbi:iZonbi 353 36 A World Alone :iconpurespiritflower:PureSpiritFlower 392 60 This is ridiculous :iconkonarika:Konarika 39 22 [AT] Choco cuteness :iconmeowimator:Meowimator 11 5



[Undersugar] I'll always be determined
*takes a deep breath*

Oh yeah! I'm finally back, and I've brought Undersugar back with me >:D
This is the best drawing I've made in WEEKS! I'm so proud, and more! Maybe I'll also show the speedpaint of it! (It's... kinda messy but I think it's nice XD) comment if you wanna see it! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

So, have this drawing of my little baby Chocolate Chara. Meanwhile, I'll be drawing more while I wait for someone to comment here. Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1]

Bye~ Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1] 
[Warriors] All my OCs! (updated)
That's it! I just finished this. All my Warrior Cat OCs! I'm so proud, and now I'm gonna start making comics about them.

Inkpool, Phoenix, Akeela, Snowspirit, Lightkit, Fauna, Gold, Cloud, Emeralddapple, Sapphireblaze, Shadowfur, Blackberry, Silentstep,Silverspot, Silverleaf, Blackstripe: Loners
Frozenfur, Deerfur: Ravenclan
Athena: Stormclan
Graytail, Whirlwind, Spottedfur, Skyspire: Mudclan
Winterpaw, Wolfkit/paw/tail: Tundraclan
Flamesong: Shipclan (yeah)
Bluestorm: Shiftingclan
Cookie, Lapis: Kittypets

Also: I'm looking for the owner of this base but I can't find it nghhh help me plz if you know the owner of this base plz tell me in the comments

Well, if you like the drawing, let me know! Favorite and comment! :D (Big Grin)

Grey Kit Emoticon-Bye 
[Startale] Shadow
*takes a deep breath*


This drawing is part of our little Ravena's story, when she lived with Error and was evil, destroying AUs like her brother. The beginning of the book "The Sun Rises" (second book of Startale).
She was called Ravenshadow... because she was literally a shadow of the kind and lovable monster she was before, when she lived free around and had Ink as a friend. 
On the time she was evil, she had a weird dream that changed everything.
She dreamed that........... well, she saw nothing on that dream, BUT she heard someone talking to her, a familiar voice that she could not recognize though. It was a message from Starclan. And after that dream she thought more and more about her old life, about Starclan and about Ink. She started, for the first time, regretting for killing people and destroying AUs. 
After some days with some much weight on her shoulders, she made the decision:
To join the Star Sanses.
To become good again.
To look at the stars.
To return to hero life.
To let the sun rise!

Even though she was really sad Error did not go with her to become a hero and all, and that the rest of her team went with her (leaving Error alone), nothing could have made her happier than joining the Star Sans-es.

If you ever want more information of Raven and of Startale, you can ask me or just tell in the comments what book you'd like to know better and I'll soon make a drawing in response!
Book 1 - Fire and Water
Book 2 - The Sun Rises
Book 3 - Forest of Warriors
Book 4 - River Ripple
Book 5 - The Forest of Wind
Book 6 - In the cold of winter
Book 7 - The Wind and the Rain

If you like the drawing leave a comment! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  Let me know what you think!
[Warriors] All my OCs!! (for now)

I'm super into Warrior Cats.

And now I'm in a Warrior Cats group, since then I have made loooots and lots of Warrior Cat OCs. Some of them were made by me and some were given to me (in exchange of other OCs).
That cat called Lapis was given to me so don't judge meeeee

Also some people still owe me OCs so yeah there are blank ones

Hope y'all like it, I'll post more of them soon!


HappyEyrie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello! I'm just a brazilian girl that likes making fanarts of movies and cartoons and drawing animals.

Sinta-se à vontade para falar Português comigo!

Comissions are open!
Requests are closed!
Art trades are open!

I Love: Jesus; cuteness; peace; Brazil; animals; Gato Galáctico; music; CATS; DINOSAURS; movies; ALPACAS; pop corn; drawing and writing (duh); creating stories; candy

I HATE: Sushi; war; bad words; math; j-pop (sorry everyone TwT)

I'm scared of: Snails; the number 64; snakes

My rules:
- No dirty comments
- No bad words
- Respect my opinions, because they're really different

I always answer to comments. Feel free to talk to me! :D

You can also find me here:…

(My profile pic was made by CrystalMyu)


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